We employ highly qualified freight forwarding agents, who support our customers, helping them with organizing shipment, and delivering information on current status of the shipment. They also take care of safe and accurate delivering of the shipment to its destination.

Our company hires 15 cars from our subcontractors. Together with our fleet of cars, it gives 20 trucks which are constantly ready to transport your goods to any place across Europe.

We are available via E-mail 24/24h and we never avoid contact with our customers. We are able to organize shipment across whole Europe including East European
Our company is insured against all unexpected results of loading and unloading goods by the driver. Despite professional qualifications of our drivers, we are aware that accidents happen. But your goods are insured with our policy before, during and after loading and unloading by our driver.
A constantly increasing transport volume requires innovative transport solutions which reduce effects on climate change and cope with fluctuating fuel prices.

Since 2014 TRANSALL has carried out pioneering work in the development of Combined Transport by rail/road or in short sea shipping.

Company Policy
1.    Decentralised Profit-Centre Organisation
2.    Encouragement of a positive team-spirit within the organisation
3.    Satisfied customers and employees are prime company targets
4.    Permanent innovative adaption to industry changes and economic developments
5.    Market leaders through concentrating on the Core Business: Full truck loads throughout the whole of Europe in one hand